A new beginning…


Welcome to my new blog!

I’ve been a ‘blogger’ for quite a long time now; I’ve had my Tumblr for about 6 years (has it really been so long?!) but as I’m a soon-to-be final year Textile Design student and a keen yarn shop employee I have decided to get myself set up with a ‘proper’ (,or as I think of it, ‘grown up’) blog.

I’m going to be sharing my adventures in hand knitting, pattern creation, yarn dyeing and much more. I think I’ll also be sharing some of my university work on here too, as it is what I currently work on full time. I may also be venturing down the path to dressmaking and sewing too, so keep a look out as I’ll be very lost!

So in this post I have included photos of my current WIP (work in progress), modelled very awkwardly by myself. I’m working on a Fringe Association Knit-Along for a Top Down Sweater that I have calculated myself. This is an incredibly proud moment for me as I have never ventured into working out a whole pattern for myself. I am however using the wonderful tutorial written by the lovely Karen Templer at Fringe Association, which has been invaluable to me. It has given me so much confidence, not only because I have forged a new path and done rather a lot of maths (or as the girls at work and I call it, ‘sweater math’), but it has also made me realised, “Hey, I’m actually pretty good at this knitting malarkey!”.

This was really reinforced by the fact that Karen picked little old me as the winner of her August #fringefieldbag draw on Instagram, from the picture of me and my sweater and my AMAZING Fringe Supply Co Field Bag. I was so flattered and happy that out of all the lovely ladies (and gentlemen!) who use #fringefieldbag on Instagram, it was me who was chosen! I won a $75 gift card to Karen’s Fringe Supply Co shop; I placed my order yesterday, and spent a little under $100. I am already over the moon with excitement for my parcel to arrive all the way from Nashville.


Above is a little sneak preview of what I ordered; I’ll be doing a full post when they arrive, and will probably wax long and lyrical about how beautiful everything is! I think I will do a little post about my Field Bag, and basically about how great it is and how much I like it.

If you would like to know more about me please have a read of my ‘About Me‘ page!


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